Friday, May 14, 2010

Florida Girlfriends and a Summer Dream Porch Swing

Found this quote on an Apalachicola friend's Facebook profile today, and I just couldn't agree more:

"Strong girls come from New York, sweet girls from Alabama. But Florida girls, we have sunshine in our souls. Darlin, we can wrestle a gator, bait a hook, clean a fish, tan without burning ~ all while eating grits at a fish fry. If we have an opinion, you know you're gonna hear it and if you don't like it ~ well ~ bless your heart. I love being a Florida girl. "

Pictured here: SUMMER DREAM porch swing. Minutes before sunset. Birds serenade. A gentle Gulf breeze kisses the cheeks of three Florida girlfriends reliving stories from their youth.

And yes, some of those stories DID include fish and tans and good Old Florida style food, along with boys and sports cars with the top down and Spring Break beaches. Oh how the sun blazed within our hearts that weekend!

I will always treasure my girlfriend getaway at WindMark Beach!

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