Friday, May 21, 2010

Best Florida Beaches -- The Forgotten Coast

Visit Florida's Best Beaches ~ The Forgotten Coast

"There is something about a big, empty beach that makes you realize how little you need to be happy beyond your brood (and a Frisbee). When your family has the run of a shore so quiet and elemental, you feel both zenlike and Swiss Family Robinson–adventurous.

"As it turns out, such a sense of discovery is still possible here in the U.S., in a corner of Florida known as the Forgotten Coast. This roughly hundred-mile-long stretch along the Gulf of Mexico, comprising several barrier islands and a village named Apalachicola, certainly does have screen saver–perfect beaches. But you'll also find dense forests to hike through, quiet bays, and time-warp seafood restaurants. And the region's nickname isn't just a clever tourist-board invention: The area is still relatively undiscovered."

~From "Best Florida Beaches" By Miranda Crowell,, 02/13/09

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