Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer -- Still a Dream Come True at WindMark Beach

I loved the unspoiled simplicity of WindMark Beach. Devoid of crowds most folks expect in Florida, this peaceful shoreline along the Forgotten Coast felt like our very own secret hideaway for the 4th of July weekend.
We danced along the shore. We searched for treasures and were not disappointed. Dozens of live sand dollars tickeled our toes along the sandbar -- what a thrill. We played until the sun went down, and carried home a heartfull of memories. Our Summer Dreams keep coming true each time we visit our sweet home at WindMark Beach.
Back at the house, we read the beach stories of other families (over a dozen already this year!) vacationing at Summer Dream. Our guest book is already filling up with lively tales of cuddling on the porch, board games during afternoon showers, sandcastle building, and "catching the big one" in St. Joe Bay's crystal blue waters. What a joy to share the WindMark Idea House with others. What a blessing for our children to create lasting memories as well.
Thanks to all who have visited. And thanks again to MyHomeIdeas for our Summer Dream Come True!

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