Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer Dream . . . Plein Air Painting by Jill Berry

During the Summer Dream Porch Party, I was honored to welcome a Northwest Florida artist, Jill Berry, to stay in our home during the Plein Air Paintout.
To thank us for her stay in the Sunrise Suite, she painted this rendering of the house for us. I was thrilled to see her interpretation, and equally thankful she shared her inspiration . . .

"I wouldn't have expected myself to choose this frontal view, but the more
distant angle seemed to have an outsider feel, like from the neighbor's
perspective. My impression of the place is so welcoming with the perfect
porch. My concept for the painting is based around that piece of light though
the breezeway in the back. I want the viewer's eye to go up the steps onto the
porch and be drawn into the house. It's the silver lining or perhaps the gold at
the end of the rainbow. I hope I pulled it off."
~Jill Berry
Thank you, Jill, for such a thoughtful gift! We will find a place of honor in Summer Dream to showcase your beautiful work.
Check out Jill's Plein Air Painting Journal on her blog.

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